Soc Dem vs. Nat Dem*

  • This is a conversation I found on facebook. Nosebleed. I may find time to understand this in the future that's why I'm posting this.
  • Estudyanteng Makabayan: Ang problema sa national democratic youth movement ay ang pagiging sectarian nito sa mga usapin ng kabataan. Ang pagtingin lamang sa kanilang interes at hindi sa interes ng mas nakakaraming kabataan.
  • Ivan Phell T. Enrile: You may choose to delete me from your account after having posted this reply. I only added your account just so I could reply to your anti-ND tirades here in FB. Excuse me, in what sense is the NDYM sectarian? As far as I could recall, it is Akbaboy youth, MASP, Sanlakas Youth (where is that puny irrelevant grouplet now anyway? LOL) who are stuck knee-deep in sectarianism, what with their dogmatic and petty-bourgeois liberalist conception of "student power". In contrast to this, the NDYM has always emphasized the need to link the contradictions expressed by the youth sector with the historical struggle of the majority of the democratic masses against the imperialist and semi-feudal status quo. You would have known this, had you read and studied the debates in the Radical Left Student movement in the early 90's. Contras grouplets constantly accuse NDs of "sectarianism" on the comical basis that the NDs won't cooperate with them and join their campaigns. The dividing line was drawn 20 years ago, and our respective paradigms have totally drifted towards the extreme sides of the opposing poles to the extent that our differences no longer concern simply strategies and tactics, but ultimately and most crucially, our respective conception of truth and reality.
  • Estudyanteng Makabayan: Sir Ivan, huwag mong tingnan sa iisang panig ang usapin. Kung susukatin mo sa standards ng organizing mo ang output ng ibang youth orgs sa Kaliwa (at tulad ng tradisyon nyo sa NDYM na manira kesa makipagdebate sa merit ng issue at pulitika) ay siguradong hindi nga sila dumadami at walang political voice sa parliamentary struggle. Pero kailangan natin tandaan na ang kanilang mga praktika ay hindi pa ganoon kaunlad kagaya ng pinagmamayabang mong NDYM. Umaandar ang panahon at nagbabago ang mga saligang katangian ng lipunan, kasabay rin nito ang pagbabago sa mga pwersa ng pagbabago. Kung gusto mong ikahon sa totality ng MLM ang bawat kabataang Pilipino nang hindi muna inaaral ng mabuti kung ano ba ang kanyang sariling katangian at interes ay siguradong mawawala sa tamang pagsusuri. Hindi porket maliliit sila'y mali na, hindi lahat ng nasa kilusang kabataan ninyo ay equipped ng matinding kagustuhan na baguhin ang lipunan. Check your ranks first.
  • Estudyanteng Makabayan: Sectarian ang NDYN dahil hindi ito nakikinig sa tunay na interes at kagalingan ng kabataanat sambayanang pinagmamayabang niyang pinaglilingkuran niya. Sa mahabang panahon ang kaya ninyo gawin ay utusan ang kabataan na lumahok sa isang political struggle na itinakda na ang lahat na katotohanan at sa dulo'y nagiging diktadurya na lamang ng mga obsolete at monolithic na teorya't praktika.
  • Ivan Phell T. Enrile: To conjure changes (what kind of changes? qualitative? quantitative?) in social realities, in order to smuggle in opportunism and revisionism in the Left movement is the highest expression and most disgusting expression of Kruschevite/Dengist sellout and betrayal. The experience and lessons of the workers' movement throughout its history of struggle clearly exemplify this. Yes, there may have been changes in contexts and conditions, but please pray tell how these changes warrant a major overhaul in revolutionary strategies? In truth, these changes have been allowed only insofar they extend and drag the lifespan of the existing semi-feudal semi-colonial-disorder, insofar as these changes retard/postpone dismantlement of elite hegemony. And this is what Akbaboy is precisely doing: peddling "change" coursed through bourgeois bureaucratic institutions, thereby protecting those very institutions from any radical questioning and unfixing. Akbaboy tells us that humping and smooching the asses of Nyuynyuy and Liberal party piggies is the "new" and "more effective" way of leftist intervention for the 21st century. Of course Akbaboy is being disingenuous for we all know that this bs is in fact as archaic and passé as Etta Rosales’ hairstyle.
  • It is utterly ironic of you to castigate the NDYM for failing to represent the "interests" of the youth and masses, while at the same time admitting yourself that grupito RJs are indeed suffering from severe case of organizational and political comatose. I have bad news for you baby. NUMBERS DO MATTER! If you don't have the numbers, if you are failing miserably in your campaigns, if your organization has been grovelling and writhing in the pigsty for sooooo many years, KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK baby. There must be something wrong with you, with your org and with your theories and practices that MAY HAVE ALREADY BECOME OBSOLETE AND DINOSAURIC. You may choose to ignore reality, but reality WONT definitely ignore you. Dahil hindi naman kayo ganun ka-espesyal. LOL!
  • You wrote, "Kung gusto mong ikahon sa totality ng MLM ang bawat kabataang Pilipino nang hindi muna inaaral ng mabuti kung ano ba ang kanyang sariling katangian at interes ay siguradong mawawala sa tamang pagsusuri."
  • LOLWHUT?! MLM is a science that it comprise a wide array of (primarily) social phenomena, systematizes these social phenomena with meticulously developed theoretical postulates, formulates numerous facts in terms of these theories, and verifies both these facts and theories against reality through its practice in trying to change society ie in the revolution. MLM, by its very definition, has to constantly test its truth claims vis-a-vis changing realities. MLM is the very exact opposite of dogmatism.
  • And what do you exactly mean by the "interes at kagalingan ng kabataan at mamamayan"? Are these defined and determined readily from the outset; do they precede the epistemological and political paradigms that give flesh and bones to the "interes at kagalingan ng kabataan at mamamayan"? Or are they constituted and constructed within the concrete COLLECTIVITIES of empowerment and popular mobilization of the masses ie within the frame of the militant struggle against imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucrat capitalism?
  • You speak of “kabataan” as if it is some transcendental social entity that escapes the contradictions and crises of our present historical situatedess. You use the term “Kabataan” as if it is a social category that hovers above class divisions, stoically gazing at class contradictions and struggles from up above the clouds. Of course this is hardly surprising given that reformists have long obliterated “class struggle and revolution” from their vocabulary in favor of some universalist (ie bourgeois) conception of “freedom” and “rights”.
  • I would have been totally sold by your dramatics, about your “sincere genuine love for the masses and youth” had it not been for this last sentence, “Sa mahabang panahon ang kaya ninyo gawin ay utusan ang kabataan na lumahok sa isang political struggle na itinakda na ang lahat na katotohanan at sa dulo'y nagiging diktadurya na lamang ng mga obsolete at monolithic na teorya't praktika.” Grabe naman pala kung ganun. Ambobo naman ng masa para sayo e! Kala ko pa naman love mo sila! May pagka-bitch ka pala! Andali naman palang magutos at manloko ng napakaraming masa sa napakahabang panahon! Or should it be rather the case that the masses can see through all your deceptive works and lies that they refuse to be made utusan by Ric Reyes, Joel Rocamora, and Ronald Llamas?
  • Estudyanteng Makabayan: Bravo, thanks for your lecture. But in the end, you are in the ivory tower citing archaic and monolithic arguments. Hope ordinary people will understand your semantics.
  • Ivan Phell T. Enrile: oh no that's not how i usually converse with non-activists don't worry. i've been to farms, factories, urban poor communities in my ten years of being an activist don't worry. It's interesting how the usual serial accusations of "dogmatism" "archaic" made by contras groups against NDs have themselves become the standard -- the unquestioned, infallible, and needless to say archaic DOGMA -- upheld by your camp. It's so predictable, it's no longer exciting.
  • Estudyanteng Makabayan: Between the two of US, ikaw ang DOGMA. Intellectual arrogance. Isang aktibistang ibabandera ang credentials sa kilusan para sabihin kumikilos.
  • Ivan Phell T. Enrile: I've replied to your tirades, you've given nothing but the usual, expected WAAAHHH blurted out by contras when shaken out of their constricted and suffocating panic room of vapid social-democracy and liberalism. Yun ang dogma. Get's mo ba?
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